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Please let us know below if you’d like help choosing your school, practicing for tests, and obtaining a visa. We can even help you gain admission to a U.S. university within two weeks! Please comment below and we will reach out to you to start the process!



Hi, I want to know which university is best for MS in Computer Science, University of Texas at Arlington or Cal State Fullerton in terms of course, cost, job? Please guide. Thanks.


Hello, I am in Senegal as a professional technician (BT), I would like to have an admission in the technical colleges to study in the United States what are the words that you will give me.


Hello! I have sent an email to you! Please respond and we can get started with the process. Thank you.


Hello! I have sent an email to you! Please respond and we can get started with the process. Thank you.


thank you for answering me and it’s nice of you but what is the continuation of the procedure for admission.


Hello, i would like know about the process to get an admission help


Hello! I have sent an email to you on how to start the process!

Thank you!

Nathan from Nomad Credit


Hello! Did you receive an email from us? It is best to start the process through email. Please let me know if you did not receive an email. If that is the case, please message me directly with your email ID and we can continue from there!

Thank you!

Nomad Credit Team


No i didn’t see it


Hi! We received your response via email and will answer shortly!
Thank you!


I am a graduate of Petroleum Engineering from Nigeria. I need your help to help me secure an admission and financial aid. Thank you.

Abiodun Bello
+234 806 967 4333


Bonjour merci de votre réponse comment sont les procédures a suivre et comment faire pour trouver l’école ?


Am a graduate of Power and Machine option of Electrical / Electronic in Nigeria please i need your assistance in securing an admission for my master program and loan to fund my education.


Hi Abiodun,

We’d be happy to help out! Would you kindly send me an email at and I can start the process.

Thank you,



Hello Mulanga - I do apologize, could you kindly send your request in English? Thank you.


Please, can you help me with get courses to improve my GPA and financial aid


Hello I need help to finish my admission to the Regent University


Hello Christian! How can we help you? Please email us at and we’d be happy to assist you the best way we can.