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One of my friends has an aggregate of 71,a paper in an international journal and a received admits from a few universities, but he is still in the application process and looking to apply for a few more better colleges. But je was wrongly accused of cheating on an insem exam in his 7th semester which might reflect on his marksheets in the 4th year.He is applying with transcripts upto the 6th semester but the university he will he studying at might ask for 4th year marksheets once he gets an admit. So should he bother applying to any more universities?
He is applying to USC, UMCP, ASU MICHIGAN STATE,


Great question. Are the universities that you listed the ones that he has applied to or ones that have already admitted him?


That is a good list of schools. Your friend is in a difficult situation but his best option is to be as open and honest about everything in the case that a school requests his 4th year mark sheets.



Can you recommend some target schools for MSF/MSFE based on my profile:

My GMAT score is 690 (Q49, V35, IR7) and TOEFL is 106.

I am a CFA level 3 candidate and NISM certified research analyst.

RCOEM College… B. E in Industrial engineering with few businesses subjects in my 4 year degree. 79% aggregate and in top 3 of my class of 75 in several semesters and overall.

LORs from HOD and SVP of Citi.

3.25 years of work experience right now… 1.25 with Citibank in financial forecasting division and before that 2 years in data analytics area.

above average extracurricular activities in sports and ngo experience.

With 690 GMAT and Indian Male engineering what can be ambitious and moderate schools?


Hi Harsh,

Can you please send me an email at - I’d be happy to personally help you with this.

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Hi Harsh - it is hard to say for sure as every school will look at several factors. A few schools you might consider are:

Carroll (Boston College)
Tippie (Iowa)
Moore (South Carolina)
Tepper (CMU)
Goizueta (Emory)

If you’d like to have more personal help please let us know!

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GRE - 316 (Q:164,V:152,AWA: 3.5)
CGPA- 8.33
TOEFL = 100
No research paper
Many related projects
Have applied to USC, UCSD, NCSU, PSU, Stony Brook, Rice. Can I expect an admit from these ? Have received rejects from CMU, UVA, BROWN University.


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I haven’t received any mail.


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i graduated last year in bsc economics and finance from uni of london international programmes with a 2:2. i passed 11 courses out of 12 which is equal to 165 ects. i want to apply to master economics QEM erasmus mundus program but they require 180 ects. i wanted to ask if i am eligible for the masters and do i have chances of getting selected? please help someone