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GRE: 306 (Q: 158, V: 148 AWA: 3)
IELTS: 6.5
EXP: 2 Years
Program: MS in Computer Science

I have applied to SIUE, Boise State University, Louisiana Tech University. Which is the best for Computer Science? Can you suggest other universities which can be safe for my profile?


Hi bijshakya77,

Thank you for giving your profile - could you also provide your GPA?

This will help me evaluate.


GPA: 3.16 / 4


Thank you! For the rankings of the schools you’ve applied to, according to Boise State is ranked higher, then Louisiana Tech, and then SIUE. However, I would caution blindly following rankings. Ultimately the best school is one based on how it fits you and that will depend on many factors.

For other schools, you might try -
Binghamton University–SUNY
Old Dominion University
Wright State University
Jackson State University
Florida A&M University


Thank you for your information and evaluation.


You are welcome! Please let us know if we can help you further or if you need help finding an education loan option!



Can you review how Texas A&M- Kingsville University for computer science
program? Is it good to apply or should it be better to wait for other
univerisities decision first?

Your Sincerely,

Bijay Shakya


Hi! We currently do not have a review for that program, searching on google can likely provide a few results if it is good or not. Ultimately a college will depend on fit and that is only something that you can determine. If you do not mind paying any application fees then starting the process sooner may be a good option for you. But that is something you need to decide on.


SAT 1560
SAT Chem 800
SAT Math II 800
GPA 3.85/4.0
WGPA 4.7/5.0

Indian international student applying for engineering

What are my chances getting into Berkeley, Cornell, UPenn, Georgia Tech, UIUC, Yale


Hi satviks,

Impressive profile! With those SAT scores and your high GPA, you would have a chance to get into any school in the US. Keep in mind that SAT scores and GPA are just two aspects that a school will look at in the admissions process, they’ll also consider extra curricular activities and essay submissions as well as other factors. I’d recommend researching each specific school and reaching out to their admissions offices for further information. Please let me know if you need further assistance, I’m happy to help!

Nathan from Nomad